Quinten Coblentz




4. I Need You

Run Cypher - Single

Winter In July - Single

3 to 1 (ft. Dru Bex &
  Shopé) - Single

Limo (ft. Json)
     - Single

Sahara - Full Album

Perfect (ft. Dru Bex
        - Single

Legs  - Single

Where You Are
      - Single

8. Jerseys​ (ft. Shiwan)

5. Only One
​​​​​1. Mercy on Me
3. Endless Love
4. Everyday Hustle
5. Ready to Go
6. The Future Looks

A Heart Divided - EP
(6. Dei Gratia -
​​​​​​1. Sons
3. Heartsong
5. Element 79
7. Bad Company

(Rest of album - 
​​​​​​3. Royal Family
​13. Battle Cry

Hurricane - Single
​​​​​​​​​2. Mountain Top
    (ft. Katie Carlene)
3. Goin' Up
4. Perfect (Sauga City
7. Imperfect
​    (ft. Dre Murray)
​​​​​​​​​1. Preseason
   (ft. J. Monty)
7. No Games Q Mix
    (ft. Q4ad & Jasmine

Back Again (Remix)
         - Single

1. Ember (ft. Ted

Go (ft. Ryan David)
        - Single

1. You Will (Remix)
​​2. Dream On
3. God Over Money
6. Sons
7. Shotgun
8. Young


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        Quinten Coblentz is an artist and producer from the little town of Hartville, Ohio. His production first became known with the release of Andy Mineo's "Heroes For Sale: Remix EP" on which he produced the rocked-out remix of "You Will." Since then, he has continued to grow as an artist, producer, and as a follower of Jesus.

        Since childhood, Quinten has had a passion for music. He began taking piano lessons around the age of eight, and began playing regularly in church several years later. Today, in addition to his work in production and engineering, he is a part-time music instructor, giving private lessons in piano, guitar, bass, and drums. Quinten leads one of the worship bands at his home church in Hartville, along with his beautiful wife, Nicole.  

        Towards the end of 2013, Quinten began developing a close relationship with Upright Music Republic, an up-and-coming label based in Toronto, Ontario. Since then, UMR (led by singer Karen Jewels) has helped Quinten refine his craft, as well as providing him with opportunities to showcase his skills. Looking ahead, Quinten strives to continue to work hard, to grow in his relationship with God, and to make a positive impact on the people in his life, as well as the music industry.

Quinten Coblentz

​Email: quintencoblentz42@gmail.com

Upright Music Republic

​Email: uprightmusicrepublic@gmail.com
Website: uprightmusicrepublic.com